Quad​​ City ​​Hash House H​arriers

AGES 21+

Frequently asked Questions

These are questions that we typically hear from people who we run into while hashing

How much does membership cost?

Nothing. It doesn't cost anything to be a member.

It does cost money for every event. Typically 7-10 dollars; which covers the cost of all your beverages and snacks that are trail. There is no limit to how much you consume, but we ask that you drink responsibly. 

Larger events, like our annual Red Dress Run, cost $50+ to cover 3 days of activities, food, drinks, and gift bags!

There are kennels all across the globe and in over 130 countries, all have weekly and large events, costs are customized to their needs.

How often do hashes occur?

Hashes occur as often as people volunteer to hare. Limited to one hash during the week, and one hash during the weekend. No two hashes will be scheduled back to back.

How to you earn a hash name and how is your name chosen?

Hash names are your official welcome to the hashing community. How you get your hash name depends on whatever your kennel requires, all kennels have their unique requirements. 

Here in the Quad Cities, members will get to know you who are as a person, and also learn stories about you in any way they can. After attending a handful of hashes, the named members will notice that you're a frequent attendee, and will put you on a naming board on a secret facebook page. There, they will share any information they have gathered on you, and come up with a clever name (usually a pun of sorts) based off that information. The information may be something that you did on trail, a funny story you shared of a past experience, or an embarassing sexual experience. Once you are named, that is what you will be referred as at home and while travel hashing.

Names can be changed if youre unhappy with it and the members will discuss once again, but we take great care into to getting to know you, and we try to avoid giving a name you wont like.

Example Hash Name: John Doe is 6'9'' and went to jail for whatever reason. Hashers discuss, and officially name him "Large has been charged". A Pun off of "Large and in Charge" 

Do you have social media?

We have a facebook account to share basic information and events. We do not post photos publically as a hash, but hashers can share any photos they choose on their own personal social media accounts.

Are hashes family friendly?

No. This is an ages 21 plus group. If youre looking for a family hash group, search for the Sippi Cup Family hash group on Facebook! 

How long do hashes typically last?

Hashes depend on how the Hare designs their trail. Your typical hash is around 3 miles with 2-3 beverage stops and the total time is in the neighborhood of 2-2.5 hours.  

Do I have to run or be in shape to join a hash?

NOPE! Take your time. Run, walk, crawl, skip. Whatever you like!

Why should I try a hash at least once?

Everyone of every size, shape, and age are welcome. Everyone who hashes is family.