About Hashing

1. What the hell is a hash run, anyways?

Well, we start by drinking beer. Then a couple hashers – called “hares” – take off to the cheers and/or insults of the others. As they run, they mark the trail with flour or powdered drink mix and do their best to misdirect the runners who will chase them. Everyone else – called “hounds” – drinks more beer, catches up on gossip and makes fun of the hares. After 10 minutes of merrily passing time, the hounds take off in search of the hares. Cussing, laughing and confusion reigns as the hounds try to decipher true trail from false trail and navigate the various “challenges” left by the hares. Sometimes hares are caught. Sometimes not. Either way, the whole group gathers up at the finish for beer, singing and other good times.

2. How far is the damned thing?

The “true” trail will be under 4 miles. If you are ambitious – “front running bastards” in the parlance of the hash – you can run a lot further. Or, you can just enjoy the run and let the others do the heavy lifting.

3. Don’t I have to be fast as hell to keep up?

Please don’t make me laugh. We have fast runners who glide along effortlessly. And we have normal people who cuss with every slow, plodding step. You do your thing and you’ll fit in just fine.

4. I requested to join the Quad Cities Hash House Harriers facebook group and haven’t been approved.  What the fucl?

I’m sorry, we really don’t hate you (that I know of), we just really ask that you go to a hash before we let you into the group on facebook.  We have a plethora of lovely pictures and posts that we’d like to keep to ourselves and not have everyone creeping on.  Come to a few hashes, let us get to know you, and you can be a part of it!

5. Okay, so I’ve been to a hash and still haven’t been accepted / am no longer a part of the group.  What gives?

Though we are a bunch of happy drunks, we do try and keep the group up to date.  Odds are if you haven’t been to a hash in over a month or so and you’re unnamed, you may have gotten the boot.  This doesn’t mean you can’t get back in, we’d just prefer you came to a more recent hash first!  If you have been to a recent hash and haven’t been accepted, I apologize – it’s hard to remember everyone (especially new people) the night after a hash night.