Weekly Hash

Are you confused by this theme? Well, that’s back in the olden days, there weren’t themes. Old man Her Bait and Bang Bust will take us back to what hashing used to be like.

(if you don’t actually like to run, you probably shouldn’t come to this. I heard everyone used to actually run the whole time, and shared like… one bottle of booze for the whole trail…. WHAT)

Wednesday, September 3 at 6:30pm

Location TBA

Bring $5 and be ready to run.

ABC Hash

The second ABC (Anything But Clothes) hash, hared by Poletarian and Bang Bust! Hopin’ to see some nip slips.

Be creative. Bubble wrap, plastic bags, twister board games, ponchos that look like vaginas, you name it!

Since GR doesn’t have pitchers we need an accurate count of people attending. So please RSVP before noon on Wednesday (yourself and virgins) to make sure you get beer at on-afters!

Wednesday August 27th at 6:00pm
Great River Brewery
332 E 2nd St, Davenport, Iowa

Bring $5 and no clothes!

Hashin’ Wrasslin Federation (HWF) Hash

Hares Down Low and Bull Horny will be bring the pain in this Hash which promises to the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

Saturday, August 23 at 6:30pm

Roosters Sports Bar & Grill
2130 3rd Ave, Rock Island, Illinois

Bring $5 Brrotherrr!

Spice Girls Hash

STOP. If you wanna be their lover, you gotta get with their friends…. (We’re in luck, I think hares Traffic Tops and 50 Shades of Gay both have plenty of friends for us to get with.) So spice up your life, and don’t miss this hash.

Trail will be about three miles of Gay Tops glory.

Wednesday, August 20th at 6:30pm

Salute on Seventh Street
Moline, Illinois

Bring $5 and dress spicy.

Workaholics Hash

These dudes are the second best threesome ever. Number one threesome? Blazed & Confused, Treasure Chest, and anyone they want. (Call me, TC xoxo)

*Fear not, this will be a dead trail, so TC and Blazed will be there to get fugged up with you braj and brajettes.*

*If that doesn’t get you fully torqued be prepared for BODY PAINT on trail… Also bring a headlamp.*

You guys ready to get weird what?

Saturday at 6:30pm

Moline McManus Pub
1401 7th Ave, Moline, IL

Bring $5 and let’s get weird.