Thanksgiving Hash

We’re thankful for lots of things. Hashonista and her love of holidays, jello shots, Miller High Life, food, and of course, TMex eating said food. Let’s celebrate.

Wednesday, November 27th

Ke$ha Hash

Harriettes Tequilamorous Mex, Drippy Longstockings, Rearview, and virgin hare NFN Bridget will join forces to hare a glittery, drunken, inappropriate KESHA hash. We are who we are.

Thursday, November 21st
McManus Pub
1401 7th Ave
Moline, Illinois 61265


once upon a time, a long long time ago, at 1030 in the morning on a sunday, a small group of hashers gathered at the iwireless center parking lot for the original pimps and hoes hash. now dont get me wrong, fun was definitely had, but i think we can one-up it.

ready your ho’ slappin hand, shine up those rims, and get ready to count dem dollar$ for a VEER OFF BANGZ PRODUCTION: PIMP$ -N- HOE$ HA$H TWO!

Saturday, November 16th