Double Dog Dare Hash Trail #481


Saturday, September 15, 2017 @ 6:30PM


Bike Rack, 3303 Brady St, Davenport, Iowa 52803


$5 Hash Cash


Join hares Tramp O Lean, Tick of Chime and Buttzinga on the second rendition of this non-traditional trail. Choose your team of 3-4 beforehand or take your chances at opening circle.

Trail length is what you make it. Shig is up to you. Plan to get a wet…unless you’re a chicken! ?

?Pics (vids) or it didn’t happen! (must post them to the event page as you go to get the point!)

?Go to the location on the front of the card, WHEN you get there open the card and do your dare!

?Must do the the first dare, before you can get points for doing the double dare.

?Hares may award extra points for finesse and flair! The points are made up and your dignity doesn’t matter. ? ?

?At least one team member must have a phone to upload pics (and so you don’t get lost).

?Be back by 9:30! This is not a race, you won’t win by being back first or last. 😛 But the winning team will get a prize! ?

?Bonus points for best team costume!