Metalfools day Hash Trail

Hared by Parks n Wreck, Blazed and Confused, Moon Pie, and NFN Candice

It’s Parks n Wreck’s, Doggie style’s, and NFN Candice’s birthday celebration. Expect to get boozy and wild.

Stay after for Doggie Style’s band Six to the Chest and 2 other bands. IT’S GONNA BE BRUTAL!!!

Dress Code: METAL!!!

Trail length is 4 miles.

Saturday March 29th @ 6:30pm

The Rusty Nail
2606 W. Locust St., Davenport, Iowa 52804

Tabloid Trash Hash

Join Namastay Solo and Zombie Bloodbath as they pop Cat Snatch Fever’s, NFN Dominic’s, and NFN Ashley’s haring cherries in the ultimate trashy hash.

Bring out your best celebrity hot mess (cheating, meltdowns, rehab), mythological creature (I hear bigfoot and batboy may make an appearance), or religious zealot (end of the world anyone?) for some good trashy fun. We expect nip slips and crotch shots galore.

Oh and its NFN Dominic’s birthday so let’s give him some extra ding-dongs!

Trail length: 3.8 miles

Thursday at 6:30pm

Sideways Bar & Grill
635 15th ave, East Moline, Illinois 61244

St. Hashtricks Day Hash 2

We will start in a parking lot in Davenport for a quickie before the Parade. Purple Coochie are haring.

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

Freight House Farmers’ Market
421 W. River Drive, Davenport, Iowa 52801


NASCAR: Non-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks.

“Jeff Gordon can be found in every Redneck’s home.”
– Purple Drank

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Paddlewheel Sports Bar & Grill
221 15th St, Bettendorf, Iowa 52722